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Eight of the most insane bike inventions on Instructables

Instructables is a community-based website allowing people to share their inventions, swap ideas and discuss modifications to existing technology. We recently posted an article on a user who made a child’s bike from two Ikea stools

After a bit of exploring we found a few more wheel-based inventions – some of which were borderline genius, others quite frankly insane…so here’s a little run down of the most bizarre/ingenious examples we came across. If you’ve seen any more, please let us know in the comments box below.
Bicycle sidecar

We can see this one being pretty useful, though there are a few safety issues that need to be addressed…! Built from a steel frame, the sidecar was constructed to transport the builder’s 3 year-old son. As is common, and indeed encouraged on Instructables, many other members have made modification suggestions, including the use of a plastic barrel for the main carrier…
SkyWalker TallBike

Do not adjust your screen – this is a 12 foot-tall two-wheeler, designed for nothing more than fun and built from little more than scrap bicycle parts and salvaged tubing! Tallbikes are nothing new, but this one’s a little different in that the operator can climb up and down the bike during motion – there’s also the option for tandem riding on this contraption too.
Recumbent Bamboo trike frame

The result of hours of dedication, craftsmanship and self-education, this recumbent bamboo trike is a thing of beauty. Using two 20” wheels up front and a 26” wheel out back, the creator built a scale model from PVC piping before embarking on the final bamboo model. Bonkers, brave or just brilliant, you have to admire this build.
Steampunk Segway (Legway)

Ok, not strictly a bicycle but it’s got two wheels and it’s awesome – so that’s enough for us. The Steampunk Segway (Legway) is, as the name suggests, a leg-powered version of the self-balancing motorised Segway. Much like many of the other creations here, it was made from salvaged materials including plywood, lumbar and copper piping – and we’d really love a go!
Ping Pong Bicycle

From the brilliant to the barmy, we had to double-take at this one; it’s one of the most crazy on the list. It involves cutting up an old bicycle, adding tubing, a table tennis table top and a touch of welding – resulting in a ride-anywhere table tennis table. Why? Who knows. One of the comments sums this one up pretty well: “Nice Instructable, but for the actual project, words fail me... I love the idea, but the practical part of me is stuck in "what the..."”
Extreme Fat Tire Bicycle

There’s nothing like a niche to get a cyclists’ blood pumping, which is why we’re drawn to this Fat Tire Bike: a niche of a niche it’s so out there! It’s built using a heavily tweaked bike frame, quad bike tyres, salvaged steel tubing, a modified bike rack and a whole load of other bits and bobs. The result is a heavy duty go-anywhere beast (just don’t try riding it up a hill)! Where do we sign up for a go?
Bicycle window box

Stripping things back to basics, this one’s for all the Alan Titchmarsh fans. Simple in design and probably one for the more leisurely rider – take a few bits of wood, some nails, zipties, soil and seeds. Bob’s your uncle, you’ve got a mobile window box.
Bike boat trailer

This one’s cool, and we can see a real practical use…originally constructed for people who live near the water and want an engine-free solution to transporting their seacraft. Made from iron pipe, wheelbarrow wheels and with no welding involved, this model will pull a 9ft long boat weighing over 100lbs with ease. Again, not suitable for hill climbs!

Here it is in use:

Have you seen any more interesting examples? Please let us know in the comments box below.

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